Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Burundi Organisations Meet For an Awareness on the Different Standards

Star hotel, Bunjumbura 11.02.2014

Under the facilitation of Intercafe, AFCA and the 4C Association and with the valuable input of Fairtrade UTZ and Rainforest alliance. More than 30 Burundian participants from different coffee groups across the country met for an awareness half day on the different approaches to sustainability and the sustainability challenges in the Burundian coffee sector. Officiated  by the Secretary general of Intercafe Oscar,  retaliated the need to have the different participants in the industry understand what the different standards bring in relation to supporting the Burundian coffee farmers achieve a sustainable future. The session was also meant to help the different stakeholders participate effectively in the 4th African Coffee Sustainability Forum. The promotion manager Intercafe noted that their approach  is to ensure there is enough capacity to facilitate at least 10 % of the farmers a year to effectively take part in this programs.

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