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Burundi Organisations Meet For an Awareness on the Different Standards

Star hotel, Bunjumbura 11.02.2014

Under the facilitation of Intercafe, AFCA and the 4C Association and with the valuable input of Fairtrade UTZ and Rainforest alliance. More than 30 Burundian participants from different coffee groups across the country met for an awareness half day on the different approaches to sustainability and the sustainability challenges in the Burundian coffee sector. Officiated  by the Secretary general of Intercafe Oscar,  retaliated the need to have the different participants in the industry understand what the different standards bring in relation to supporting the Burundian coffee farmers achieve a sustainable future. The session was also meant to help the different stakeholders participate effectively in the 4th African Coffee Sustainability Forum. The promotion manager Intercafe noted that their approach  is to ensure there is enough capacity to facilitate at least 10 % of the farmers a year to effectively take part in this programs.


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To commemorate the first  International Coffee Day , world coffee leaders meeting in Milan at the Global Coffee Forum  made this morning the Coffee and  Sustainability morning. You can follow live streams of  the inspiring messages here the agenda for the day is here happy   #InternationalCoffeeDay


With one week to go all available places at the 4th African Coffee Sustainability Forum have been pre-booked. Registration has closed and for those that were not to lucky to grab a physical slot, we will be offering you a virtual peep in the days after the forum . See you at the shores of the Great Lakes to Inspire the Sustainable Resurgence of the African Coffee Industry.

Setting in Motion Sustainable Development in the African Coffee Sector

Bujumbura, 17 February 2014 – The 4 th annual African Coffee Sustainability Forum took place in Bujumbura, Burundi, on 12 February 2014. Under the theme “Sustainable Coffee Farming as a Business for African Coffee Farmers: Learnings, challenges & joint efforts for solutions”, the Forum brought together 150 stakeholders to address the key factors influencing the adoption of sustainability practices by African coffee farmers. In his opening speech, Burundi's Assistant to the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Mr. Boniface Mwikomo remarked: “ The ‘Business Case for Sustainability ’ no longer needs to be proved , provided that the activities that lead to sustainability are helping the coffee farmers to improve their productivity and the quality of their coffee. This in turn should result in safer and more stable revenues for them ”. Co-organised by the 4C Association, the African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA), the Sustainable Coffee Programme powered by IDH