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Coffee Sustainability Issues


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International Coffee Day

To commemorate the first  International Coffee Day , world coffee leaders meeting in Milan at the Global Coffee Forum  made this morning the Coffee and  Sustainability morning. You can follow live streams of  the inspiring messages here the agenda for the day is here happy   #InternationalCoffeeDay


With one week to go all available places at the 4th African Coffee Sustainability Forum have been pre-booked. Registration has closed and for those that were not to lucky to grab a physical slot, we will be offering you a virtual peep in the days after the forum . See you at the shores of the Great Lakes to Inspire the Sustainable Resurgence of the African Coffee Industry.

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

This topic was discussed by Dr. Joseph Kimemia from the Coffee research Foundation of Kenya who illustrated the practical effects of climate change on coffee production while Ms. Kerstin Linne of GIZ shared the experiences on climate change adaptation measures in coffee production in Kenya.