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SAVE THE DATE: 13 February 2013

3rd African Coffee Sustainability Forum, 

Following the success of the first and second African Coffee Sustainability Forums, the 4C Association in collaboration with AFCA and the Sustainable Coffee Program powered by IDH, and in close cooperation with the African research and science community, is organising the third edition of this event on 13 February in Kampala, Uganda. The Forum will take place as a backdrop to the 10th Africa Fine Coffee Conference and Exhibition.

This 3rd Forum aims to build on the successes of the last and to act as a catalyst for the continued sustainable development of the African coffee sector. The event’s agenda is currently being prepared and will be announced at the beginning of December. Registration for the event will be open via for registered AFCA delegates and  for those only attending the forum.

To see what the Forum is all about, have a look at the videos, pictures and presentations from last time, which are available at  the this blog.


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With one week to go all available places at the 4th African Coffee Sustainability Forum have been pre-booked. Registration has closed and for those that were not to lucky to grab a physical slot, we will be offering you a virtual peep in the days after the forum . See you at the shores of the Great Lakes to Inspire the Sustainable Resurgence of the African Coffee Industry.