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Save the Date 15th Feb - "Creating market access through sustainable practises"

Following the success of the first African Coffee Sustainability Forum in 2011, the 4C Association and EAFCA are organizing the second edition of this event on 15 February in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Forum takes place on the backdrop of the 9th Africa Fine Coffee Conference and Exhibition.
The registration for the Forum 2012 is now open online at:

The program of this year’s Forum focuses on three main topics regarding sustainable coffee production: coffee quality and productivity, climate change and capacity building and organizational development. These topics will be part of plenary presentations by key expert speakers. Besides the presentations, participants will take part in parallel working groups for in-depth discussions on these topics; exchange lessons learned as well as share best practices and try to jointly identify possible solutions to the challenges. Click here to view a full forum agenda with session descriptions.

Last year, over 100 participants including key representatives from the different stakeholder groups attended the 1st African Coffee Sustainability Forum.  It was the first time that such an exchange took place in the African context and it proved to be an excellent opportunity for participants to learn more about each other’s experiences and commonly identify strategies to address key sustainability challenges. To find out more about last year’s program, see link on the blog.
This year’s Forum aims at building on the successes of last year and to give impetus and direction to the continued sustainable development of the African coffee sector.

The deadline for registration is Wednesday, 8 February 2012


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